Events Dear Members, Our next Inner Temple Lunch will be held on Thursday 17th of May 2018 The speaker is H.E Muyeba Scichapwa Chikonde, High Commissioner for the Republic of Zambia to the United Kingdom. Commencing at 12:15PM, for pre-lunch drinks. Lunch will be served at 1:00PM followed by an address to the attendees by H.E Muyeba Scichapwa Chikonde. Following this address, the attendees will have the opportunity to table questions to his Excellency. The closing address will be made by Laurence Robertson MP, Chairman of the Westminster Africa Business Group. His   Excellency   Muyeba   Chikonde   is   Head   of   Mission   at   the   Zambian   High   Commission   in   London.   He   took   up   his   appointment   in   August   2015 having   moved   from   South   Africa   after   a   successful   three   and   half   year   tour   of   duty   in   Pretoria   in   a   similar   capacity.   While   serving   in   Pretoria   he   had extra   accreditation   to   Lesotho   and   Madagascar   and   was   responsible   for   over   ten   other   countries   of   Africa,   Asia,   Europe   and   the   Americas accredited   to   Zambia   on   non-residential   basis.   Presently,   in   addition   to   being   High   Commissioner   to   the   United   Kingdom,   he   is      Ambassador   to   the Holly   See   and   Ireland   and   also   represents   Zambia   membership   on   International   Organisations   such   as   the   Commonwealth;   International   Sugar Organisation (ISO); the International Coffee Organisation and many others. Preceding   his   diplomatic   appointment   in   January   2012,   he   underwent   Diplomatic   and   Conflict   Resolution   training   at   the   Zambia   Institute   of Diplomacy   and   International   Studies   (ZIDIS).   H.E.   Chikonde   is   an   Architect   by   Profession   and   holds   an   Advanced   Masters   Degree   in   Human Settlements   from   the   University   of   Leuven   (Belgium   1999)   and      a   post   graduate   course   in   Housing   from   the   Tokyo   International   Centre   (Japan   1992) and a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Camaguey (Cuba 1989). His   diplomatic   career   has   been   augmented   by   his   involvement   in   both   the   Public   and   Private   Sectors   spanning   over   fifteen   years.   In   2002   he established   Habi   Consult   Limited,   an   Architectural   and   Human   Settlements   Development   Private   Consultancy   firm.   Prior   to   establishing   the company   he   worked   for   institutions   such   as   the   National   Housing   Authority   and   the   Ministry   of   Education;   and   managed   programmes   for   UNHS- Habitat, UNDP, Shelter Afrique and the OPEC Fund for International Development among others. With   over   twenty   years   working   experience   in   both   the   private   and   public   sectors,      Mr   Chikonde   has   used   this   experience   to   develop   a   good understanding    of    the    dynamic    and    multidimensional    aspects    of    diplomacy    and    sustainable    development.    He    is    an    ardent    enthusiast    of appropriate   technology.      Apart   from   English   which   is   the   national   language   he   is   fluent   in   Spanish.   His   interests   vary   from   traveling,   music   and theater to sport and art.
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